Sunday, February 13

Mentaliti Karma.

She, attractive,
she, adorable,
she, seducing,


He, shy,
he, dampers,
he, alone,

until one moment,
she expressing her feeling towards him,

He says:
I am not a handsome one,
i am not a rich one,
i am not a brilliant one,

She says:
I am the prettiest one,
i am the richest one,
i am the intelligent one,
and i have all those sort things,
but i just want a one that can complete me..

I need a person that have the things that i never have once in my life..

Then,She feels better because has voice out all her feelings and take a step,
after that, He hold her hand,and say:

I feel the same way you think, I am also need a person that can complete me,
a person that can hide all the weakness that i have but show all the strength that i have..

They hold together to the end of their life.

p/s: Bila bersama pasti ada kelebihan dan kekurangan maka sama-samalah melengkapi hidup masing-masing kerana setiap manusia itu dilahirkan dengan keistimewaan masing-masing. 

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