Tuesday, February 1

Hey !

thanks a lot to the all viewers,
i am totally appreciate on all the things that you ever done,
thanks for read my storing even it is boring,
thanks for understanding the message even it is demanding,
thanks for clarifying all the things even it is tiring,

Now it is February,
and for the Buddhism the Chinese New Year is already around the corner,
i wish that this year will get a blessing to all of you perhaps,

Last night i was went to a talk which is titled "Jaminan Cinta U'
I learn a lot of things that make becoming more matured,
it is not an easy thing for all of us to make a good things but it is not impossible,
recently,there are a lot of things that changes,
even people that i know also have changes a lot,

And to those who read,
all of the story that i share to all of you,
it is doesn't meant that happen to me,
but it is maybe some imagination,
 from the people around me,
because i am really love travelling,

It is such a song,
it is maybe you create the song,
and you sing the song with your heart,
but it doesn't meant that the story that happen in the song is your own story,
your own life because it maybe do not happen to you,
but happen to others !

p/s: Tolong gunakan kreativiti diri sendiri dan jangan hanya pandai mengambil hak milik orang sahaja,prihatinlah pada mereka yang letih menggunakan akal mereka sendiri !

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