Sunday, January 2

New start!

Nilai, here i come again !
Ouh after a few days holidays, i am so so so lazy to start study back..
Urhh,ouh lecturer please understand me kayh,you all so cute lar!..

anyway,i still have to study and learn so that in the future my life will be much more better..
please do n't be selfish,syakir..this is not all about your life..this is about family matters..
to Him,i hope you will get well soon..i miss your smile so much,i miss to hear your words through my heart,
it is hurt me when i see you around in pain but i can't do nothing so much..it is make me become speechless..
i am becoming paralyzed,ouh doctor,please cure Him for me..I am still need Him..

I mean it so much,i hope you're always in a good health, dad!
Happy Family!

"It is easy to voice out that you wants to replace someone who are in pain but it is not easy to do it"

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