Friday, December 31

It is not the end of the day,


It is getting the end of the september,
and it is gonna be a new year,

Ouh how i will miss this year..

A year with a full of memory,
a year with a full of story,
and a year with a full of the mystery,
for this year,there are a lot of sadness and happiness that ever come in my life:

Nothing much change..for this time i just only have certain words to describe it.I love my family damn so much.The family are the one who are always be the sunshine for me..My father are the rainbow comes forward after the rain while my mother are the music in my hearts...

For this moment i have met a lot of friends in my life..I love them full heartedly..The friends are the one that share their happiness and all the moments together..Ouh how i miss a friend who have left me..I wish she was in good state!

What a new life..Life in varsity is totally different..I am enjoy it damn much..But i am truly argue that schools are more have fun than university..Trust me!

Last but not least..It is getting 5 years she met her creator..I wish she was fine in there..Girl i miss u..Although you're not here anymore but my mind always thinking you..Hope you was fine there...Speechless..!

That's all for the moment in 2010..I love and i am surely will miss this moments..
I hope a new year will be a much better than this year..I mean it!

Indahnya Dhuha Itu #1 by AnNamir™

p/s: a new year not mean we have to start all from the beginning..


nasiha sakina said...

u shud said my sister are the freshing blossom of my [heart].baru btol.haha

La la la..Learn the Alphabets! said...

owos geli weyh larr..
euuuw ap lar awk nim,

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