Monday, December 5

Please, say something ( Finale)

he started to replied:

i know about the simple mathematics
and that is the riddle of a life that you may face,

because sometimes you need to get hurt first
so that you can know the pain.
 you will realize how important it is
to be with the one that really care for you.

Life is not as hard as you face the problems,
and it is not as easy as to make the problems
but it is about how you can handle the problems,
since, sometimes you may be too brave to face the problems,
and it doesn't means that you are quite brilliant enough to handle the problems.

same goes with love,
you will know it better
when you have found the real one.

please, get married,
have some children,
getting older and older,

and when you are already gone,
you will always be remembered.

always and always.


Handle it with care.
Not because it is fragile.


because it is a gift from God.

If I know that  someday you will be gone.
I promise you that I will never leave you alone.

Because it is too hurt to be a loner.


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