Wednesday, April 6


Jane : Do you have a reason that really make you love me? 
John : Sure.
Jane : Can you tell me?
John : I love to see you different from others.
Jane : What are you really mean?
John : Actually, you already have the answer.
Jane : I still did not get what you really mean.
John : You are the answer for every question that been stuck in my mind.

Sometimes we have to see for ourselves. 
We have to make our own mistakes. 
We have to learn our own lessons. 
We have to sweep today’s possibility under tomorrow’s rug until we can’t anymore.
 Until we finally understand for ourselves. 

That knowing is better than wondering,
    that waking is better than sleeping, 
        and even the biggest failure, 
           even the worst, 
               beats the hell out of never trying.

p/s: Oh?

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