Monday, April 18

Oo La La.

There is a place i feel empty,
there is a time i feel alone,
and there is a feeling that always make me wonder.
If i were you would you love to be me?
If i be with you would you mind to be with me?
and if i love to be with you then will you love to just be with me?
Only with me.

There is people that would assume that,
is this a love?Or this is only feeling that make love?
Sometimes it sounds like do not make sense?But who are we to judge others?
I learn something from the past,i hope something for the future but do i doing something for today?
We can ask,hope or pray.But have we ever wonder do God will just accept all of our prayers even we are only remembering him when we were really need Him.
Now,think and start to think.This is what a life should be.

p/s:Even now i would just love to have a chance to ask God one thing.But can i?

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