Wednesday, March 2

I swear!

I swear i will love them forever..
Keep in deep inside my heart.

There is nothing that can replace them.
There is something that special about them.
I am still remembered when they try to make me happy when the i'm in tears,
I am still remembered when they try to send and fetch me when i was in school,
I am still remembered when they try to keep me cheerful even on that time they are in some problems,
I love you mother and father.

rickshaw puller's slippers by rita banerji

i saw a rickshaw pullers,
he try very hard to get the money,
and i', really proud with his spirit.
He never complaining about the hotness of the sun,
or even the drops from the rain..
What he knows is he just wants the best for the beloved family.

If today they are someone that condemn them,
if today they are someone that underestimate them,
and i know that there are the heartless people only since they didn't know about the value of a life.
i swear that i will never leave you,
i swear that i will never ignore you,
because i know that i was born to tell that i will just be your angel,
Be always with you,
and i know that God send them to me,
and i am surely will send you to the heaven.
I swear and i swear.

p/s: Saat yang paling indah adalah apabila memberikan kegembiraan kepada sebuah keluarga,dan saat yang paling sedih adalah apabila kita terpaksa melepaskan keindahan kekeluargaan itu kerana kita tahu satu hari nanti ianya hanya akan jadi sebuah kenangan.Kecapilah kebahagiaan itu sementara masih ada masa bersama dengan mereka.

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