Friday, February 25

Oh Mine?

There is a little time,
that people will love to see you,
to see you crawl,walk and even your laugh,
since in that time you were born "purely",

He doesn't know about himself,
but he have a little magic.
He can make people feel calm..

Today,a man meets a little baby,
and he wishes that he can be a father as soon as possible,
since he knows that he cant's stand to see a baby to smile and even the laughs,
but now,the cases are even worst,
please people,don't be so mean,
and don't be so cruel,
give them a chance to live,
they are wishing for it.

Baby Joe No. 1 by kris.damatogemma guards the baby while the crocodile tries to slip out unnoticed. by sesame ellisBaby 10 by Future Framed Photographybaby cry by tote24688

Baby Issac by Sarah Alston Babies are handful sometimes, A heartfull all the time by Jchetan Babies are handful sometimes, A heartfull all the time by JchetanBaby Wrap Test by millylillyrose

Baby swim by Eythor Baby swim by Eythor Baby swim by Eythor

               Baby ~ by 3ziza Newborn Baby - Edinburgh Photographer by John Gilchrist

           Baby Abdul Aziz by Mizoo™

p/s: Jangan merampas kebahagiaan orang lain setelah kita pernah mencapai sebuah kebahagian satu ketika dulu,dan kini apabila kebahagian itu sudah mula pudar jangan cuba menghilangkan kebahagiaan itu dengan menambahkan lebih bebanan!

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