Saturday, January 22


It is will not give a trouble to us,
but it make us becomes more better than we thought,
someone may say that problem will just give a headache,
problem will just give a trouble,
sometimes just think, everything happen with reasons,
problems will just make us becoming more matured than we stand right now,

It is just like you playing cards,
you have to make a right decision while choosing the cards so that you will win,
it is depends on the strategy,the thinking,
such as solving problem,
if you have a right think than it will turns a good result,

so starting from today,
stop running from the problems,
take a bullet and face the problems,
and surely you will get a new learning and a new experience,

p/s : Masalah itu tidak akan datang sekiranya kita tidak dapat menyelesaikannnya tapi masalah itu datang kerana Tuhan tahu daripada masalah itu kita belajar menjadi insan yang lebih baik pada esok hari !

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