Thursday, January 27


Everyone have their past time,
some have a good story in the past time,
another one may have bad tale in the past time,
whatever is it,
actually having past time is memorable,
that are the stories that will share among us,
the fairy tale that will remind us,
always and always,
past time teach us,
past time give us a lesson,
and past time are a better knowledge,

Some of us may want to rigid the past,
but just remember one thing in your life,
we just only have one chance in a life,
so just grab it,
take this opportunity,
share it,
because there is a time that you will feel regretted and you will pray that,
"if i can turn back to that time"..
but the real thing that you can do is just move forward to the future,
it may sound sad,
but that is life !

p/s : Kita bukan ada kuasa untuk mengubah sesuatu tapi apa yang kita perlu tahu kita punya Tuhan untuk berdoa agar Dia mengubah sesuatu yang terbaik untuk diri kita maka,berubahlah !

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