Friday, January 28


Every person have their things that they are really hate, same goes to me,
sometimes it is good that we have things that we are really hate it,
because it is normal for a person like us,

we are not perfect, so there are the things that we may always want to argue,
i have some list that i really hate most,

4 things that i hate most :

4) I do hate books but i love listen to the lectures,

3) I hate when people talk and know about certain knowledge that they thought people do not know but actually in other knowledge there are still a lot of things that he/she is left behind!

2) To the smokers out there,sorry but i am really can't stand with the hazy smoke that comes from the cigarettes, it is really make me feel suffocated.

1) I don't know why every people really love MILO so much, but i am totally hate MILO! Sorry MILO punya tauke, 

p/s : Tidak salah kalau kita ada sifat benci dalam diri tapi yang penting kita tahu apa yang kita harus benci dan apa yang tidak kerana itulah yang menunjukkan kewarasan akal fikiran kita!

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