Friday, December 17


awan aneh
For this time, now i am really feel that as a human we're too "dwarf" compared to the power of our God,
we know that in the past there are some people who bravely have confess to the others that they are the God,
and what the problems is there is still others who are believing in them and forget that,
there are still the one who has a great power,who have creates this world,

There are still some people who are argue in their mind "who created the God?",
come on people,fulfill your heart with faith,don't be too narrow minded,

i am really enjoying watching the debates of the Prof Zakir Naik,
a person who have great mind,a person who think wisely before he talks,
and the most important is he has faith in answering some arguments,

What he answers on the question of who created God is amazing..

"kalau tuhan itu dicipta oleh sesuatu, maka dia bukan tuhan, tuhan dengan erti maksud dari kamus sendiri pun, sesuatu yang tidak diperanakkan atau dicipta oleh sesuatu yang lain

I was totally amazed!

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